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Birthday Sign Rentals

Birthday Signs, Special Occasion Signs,
& Yard Sign Rentals

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Birthday Display

You might use this for a 21-year-old. Turning 21 is really great, so lift your cup and celebrate.

Hats Off Display

This display is for that special lady. You might say, hats off, to one special lady!

Car Display

Hot Rod

Race Car Display


40th Birthday Display

Birthday Display in Yard

This display is great for the man who loves to fish!

Check out our Man Of Grand Delusions.
Can you even think back to when you were young?
When you reminisce, do you really think you look like this?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the greatest of them all.
Man of the hour, Time to let you know, our hunk hit the big 40.
You have 4 phrases to choose from, for our Man Of Grand Delusions sign!

Check out our New Birthday Cake with Candles & Fireman.
The phrase might say, so many candles, so little cake. Or, without the Fireman, the phrase might say, You're sweet as cake.
Birthday Cake Display

Frog Birthday Display

Our Frog sign is great for any occasion and might say, "ribbit it up and have a great day."

Hippo Birthday Display

Our Hippo sign is cute as a button and great for any occasion, and the sign might say, "Hip Hip Hooray, she's 50 today."

Sweet 16 Birthday Display

Our Teddy Bears are great for Anniversaries, Sweet 16, and Valentine's day, and may say, "have a beary great day."

Penguin Birthday Display

Our Penguin sign is wonderful for young or old. He will arrive with attitude to say, " Happy B-Day to one cool dude or gal."

Owl Graduation Display

Our Owl sign is fantastic looking for graduations. One side says, "the tassel is worth the hassle" and the other side says "we're proud of you."

Buzzard Display

Our Buzzard sign is the most popular sign we have. You might want to say Happy B-Day "to our favorite ole Buzzard."

Birthday Yard Signs

Our Birthday Yard Sign Rental display includes:
• Delivery & set-up of a 6 foot tall, by a 4-foot wide double-sided sign of your choice.
• Choice of delivery time, usually in the middle night, so you can surprise the person before they get up in the morning.
• Pick up the day after the occasion, most of the time, not that night, like most other companies do, and we do not charge extra for that.
• Delivery at your home or place of business.
• 20 to 25 double-sided matching critters that go around the main sign and fill up the front yard.
• A button with a picture and phrase on it, for that person’s special day.
• Greeting card saying, helping you celebrate this special occasion.
• Choice of our penguins, buzzards, flamingos, cows, frogs, hippo, sports theme, retirement sign, graduation owl, and Teddy bear.
• We have many different choices on our sayings like, to our favorite ole buzzard, or getting older is for the birds. We have many more to choose from.

Our birthday yard signs are not only the best looking anywhere,
but it is the best value for your buck!


Contact us today in Hanover Park, Illinois, for a colorful selection of stork rentals and yard signs for special occasions.

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Sports Display

Our Sports Theme sign is great for Sweet 16 and the person who loves sports. It may say, "to our favorite sports nut, or you are a star."

Cow Birthday Display

Our Cow sign might say, Holy cow, Mike, we came over to graze and say, happy 50th B-day, or milk it for all it's worth, or, Moos Flash, Mike is 50.

Flamingo Birthday Display

Our Flamingo sign might say, were tickled pink to hear, Karen is 50. Or, feather you like it or not, Karen is 50!

Dinosaur Display

Rex has finally arrived! This sign may say, Mike, no bones about it, your 50!! Or,
before your birth, dinosaurs roamed the earth.
This sign is great for birthdays or any other special occasion, for young and old.

Flamingo Birthday Display

This display is the same as our Flamingo sign but with 2 four-foot-high palm trees for $20.00 extra.

Military Display

Why not welcome home our troops. This display might say, Mike, Welcome Home, US Marines. This is great for all of our armed forces.

Cave Man Birthday Display

Our Cave Man (Stone Turner), might say, Mike, Happy 50th B-day, Another B-day is really no big deal, for someone, already older than the wheel! Or it might say, Mike Happy B-day, still rockin' at 50, once idolized, now fossilized!

Hot Chick Birthday Display

Our Hot Chick display might say, Karen, Happy 50th B-day, age doesn't matter, our hot chick has become a red hatter!

Octopus Birthday Display Octopus Display

This display is great for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd birthday. The front side says Name, (age), Birthday, and the child gets to keep the bubble keep-sake. The other bubble says, Happy Birthday. The backside of the display says, Happy Birthday to You, & Happy Birthday. We set up 8 starfish smileys, for our economy package, or 20 starfish, for our premium package.